Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck….just in case you’re wondering how I’m feeling.

I’m gonna try and put some thoughts down that are both CHAOTIC in nature and having to deal with both weight shit and gender shit. Since I have two (quiet) blogs, one about weight loss shit and one about gender shit I don’t want to repeat myself so for today everything I’m thinking […]

Brick wall…

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable” ~ Walt Disney

I write that quote first thing because I am living with some serious mental blockage. You’d think after being on this journey for almost 7 months the proverbial brick wall would be coming down but […]

Wonder if what you say helps / Forging relationships / Revisiting an old enemy

Gah, I so need to catch up on blogs. So much is happening to everyone out there. Struggles and triumphs. Losses and gains. Frustrations and exhilaration. At the same time there is so much happening to me over here as well.

I’m taking another day to post because 3 really kick ass things […]

3.1 / Superman / emotional gunk…

*Disclaimer – I am extremely emotional today. It’s a combination of TOM and my morning session with Superman. That being said, what I write at the moment is just how I’m feeling. If I could crawl back into bed and cry myself a river of waaaa waaaa waaaa’s I would. I can’t so I’m […]