Going off the grid…

social_media_circle_nobckgdYou’ve heard about people doing it.

Going off the grid.

Taking a break from social media. Unplugging from the electronics and plugging into the environment around them. I’ve been doing it a while with this blog. Not a whole lot to say it seems but in reality a million things racing through my mind at any given time. Upping my workouts to get from 175 back down to 165 while focusing on building muscles. Going from working part time in the wee hours of the morning to working full time late late late into the the night. Dealing with questions of “why do they call you Tee now?”, and that sideways look of “I don’t understand what you mean by it’s a less gender specific name.” Moving from a centrally located, this place is too big for us dwelling, to a much smaller, we’re gonna need to get rid of a lot of stuff not so much centrally located, but the building is cheaper and brand spanking new and figuring out schedules, driving routes and the occasional “oh hey we actually get to spend a few hours together this evening”.

Throw on top of it, tomorrow morning. Gall bladder surgery. Long in coming and put off for way too long, it snuck up on us much faster than we anticipated and with all the changes that’s been happening in just the last month (read above) I’m taking this as my opportunity to really get the fuck off the grid for a bit and get back to some serious “stay in the moment” living.

Six weeks. That’s the recovery period. No crossfit. No work. No running (you see my priorities right?). Six long weeks. I’m freaked out by the idea of not working out for that long. Yes I can go for long walks but that’s pretty much it. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve gone that long without breaking some sort of sweat?….

December of 2009.

When I weighed 270 pounds. When I didn’t care about things like weight loss, food macros, and accomplishing things like marathons and half ironmans. When I was more concerned about whether my shit was going to sell at auction on World of Warcraft rather than what WOD was going to be at crossfit. When I was more concerned about whether I had enough time to stop in at Jack in the Box before work rather than do I have enough time to make my own almond butter or juice for the week or can I prep for dinners this week before heading to work. When I was way more concerned about making sure I had enough soda pop and chips stocked away in my work drawer for the long day of sitting in a cubicle rather than making sure I had enough calories in my lunch box for the long day of lifting pallets of 50 pound dog food or air conditioners.

So you can sort of understand my apprehension over the next six weeks. Finding a balance. A balance of rest and recovery. A balance of staying in the moment and taking care of the Tee that is, instead of being fearful of becoming the Tara that was. Six weeks doesn’t seem like a long time but in this world of weight loss, maintenance, moving and eating it sort of seems like a very long time.


Part of that recovery includes the proverbial jump on the “off the grid” band wagon. It seems pointless to have time wasting shit on my phone since I already know all my free time over the next 45 days or so would be spent looking at status updates, instagram pictures, playing games, looking at crossfit wods and the occasional 140 character tweets. I’m not really “involved” much these days any how. I throw a few things out there into the social media pool but mostly in the corner watching the “world go by” that doesn’t really affect me instead of being a part of my immediate world that absolutely affects me.

I’ll be reading a shit ton (you should see my pile of books that I don’t read because I want to play farmville instead). I’ll be walking a lot (very very slowly at first) and getting to know my neighborhood. I’ll be hanging out with what’s going on here instead of wondering what the hell is going on out there. REST and RECOVERY on all aspects of what’s happening in my life.

After the six weeks?

Well we’ll just have to see how this goes and then decide…

7 comments to Going off the grid…

  • Sounds like an excellent recovery plan you’ve got happening there for yourself.

    I totally understand your fears about not being able to work out and all that goes along with that. It’s completely natural to have those fears. But you need to remember that you’re NOT that person anymore. The Tara that was is long gone and while you may see glimpses of her now and again, you have come way too far to ever go back there permanently again.

    That’s what being Tee is all about.

  • It sounds like a great plan, T.

    Don’t worry about the not working out thing, you’ll be okay and realize that taking care of yourself in other ways is more important at the moment.

    Wishing you a healthy recovery!

  • Trixie

    I always enjoy reading your posts and admire your self-introspection. As a non-blogger, non-fb’er, non-twitterer etc, I can appreciate your desire to disconnect. I often see people in parks with their children or walking or on the bus looking at their devices and missing connecting with where they are, the people they are with, what is happening around them. Enjoy your time away, taking care of you, and connecting with you, Tee, and your wife. Wishes for a strong recovery after your surgery.

  • T! I like that!

    I have been off the grid for quite awhile and slowing coming back but with limits. It has been the greatest gift for both my health and my spirit! Wishing you tons and tons of moments that keep you connected to you and all that you are and all that is truly important.


  • Hope all went smoothly with your surgery and recovery goes well. Take it easy on yourself – you deserve it. Off the grid with a pile o’books sounds so nice. I did that with a recent surgery and read more books over 4 days than I have in years.

    Because I’m totally nosy what books will you be reading?

    Grats on the full time position!

  • Hope your redovery goes smoothly and your six weeks speeds by.
    Maybe during this time of unplugging you can busy your mind with getting back at writing that book 😉

  • Wishing you the best, T! Heart you.

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