We are our own worst enemy…

It’s not a new fact that we are our own worst enemy. As we continue on this Life Changing Journey of weight loss, of moving forward, of taking control I believe the biggest road block we face is the one we build in our minds…

“I will never be able to (insert what ever you want here)”

“I can’t lose (insert number here) pounds”

“I lost (insert number here) pounds but have gained (insert number here) pounds back”

“I’m not good enough”

“I can’t control the way I eat”

“I’ve been stuck at this weight forever and nothing is changing”

“I’ve always wanted to (insert anything here) but will never succeed”

Seriously this list could go on and on and on (and on and on and on). Anytime I think about taking on a new physical challenge that road block starts to come down. I immediately tell myself it’s never going happen. I’m going to fail. Everyone around me will see me for the failure that I truly am…

Here’s a funny thing: NO ONE THINKS I’M A FAILURE.

Every time I’ve said to someone “so I’m thinking about doing (insert some crazy insane idea here)” No one has ever said to me “Tara, maybe you should rethink that idea”. Now I’m not talking about doing something totally insane like what we’ve all been witnessing the last few days with Felix Baumgartner and his 24 mile free fall jump out of a freaking space capsule do-hickey but for me some of those things I’ve set out to accomplish feel just as big as his jump.

I’m not talking just physical feats either. It seems that no matter what we want to accomplish that road block likes to come smashing down right in the middle of everything and stops us in our tracks.




So let’s talk about my road block shall we? I made the announcement about doing something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  It’s something that I feel very strongly passionate about and when I close my eyes and see it coming to fruition it feels absolutely right.  There are only two things I’ve been very certain about in my professional career. The first being an ASL interpreter. Since I was a little kid it’s what I wanted to become. In my early 20’s I  was in school for interpreting and stopped short because of that road block. For 8 years I let that dream sit on the side lines. Never thinking I was good enough. All the while people told me differently. When I went back to school in my early 30’s I went after it with a vengeance. Everyone around me telling me how good I was and that I had a natural skill for using ASL. But that damn voice in my head. That damn roadblock. I graduated top of my class but I was one of the last working interpreters. I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t believe in my skill. Instead I thought about going into the mountains and becoming a camp counselor all year round.

Slowly I chipped away at that road block.

I had to trust my ability.

I had to trust my hard work.

I had to trust my commitment.

I had to trust those around me.

Not to toot my own horn (TOOT TOOT), but I’m very good at interpreting

The other thing I am certain about in my professional career is becoming a Life Coach with a focus on weight loss. I think about it all the time. As soon as I started losing my weight,I knew it was for good because I allowed that small fire to ignite that I finally understood that this journey of losing weight is not just about the physical pounds we carry on our bodies but also the emotional pounds we carry on our heart (mind and spirit). When I started talking with other people about their journey’s and sharing my experiences I felt that fire grow with such an intensity that even I couldn’t deny this was where my Life Changing Journey was taking me; into the lives of other people wanting to make the same changes.

And yet that road block exists.

Will people trust in me? Will people pay me? What if I launch this program and not one single person signs up? What if I say the wrong thing? The road block gets bigger and bigger. I’ve been wanting to do this for over a year and much like my desire to become an interpreter, this dream has been sitting on the sidelines because that road block is smack dab in the middle of everything. But the difference this time is that I’m going to trust my abilities and go head first into this endeavor. I’m going to trust in my hard work. In my commitment and most importantly I’m going to trust in those around me that know for certain that this is the path I am meant to travel.

When you close your eyes and you see that dream, whatever it may be, it’s not fair of you to just let it go. It’s not fair to those around you. They want to see you succeed. They want to see that things are possible no matter how difficult it might be to achieve. Not only is it not fair to them, it’s not fair to YOU. You have those dreams for a reason. You have those desires and goals for a reason. It’s because you were meant to go after them. When that road block comes down in front of you, you have to do whatever it takes to get around it. Chip away at it little by little or get a bulldozer and knock it the fuck out of the ball park. That road block is not there because other people put it there.

It’s there because you put it there.

It will only get out of the way when you decide to remove it.

It won’t be easy and it may come crashing down again and again but trust in your ability to succeed. Trust in your commitment. Trust in your hard work. Most importantly: TRUST IN YOURSELF…

12 comments to We are our own worst enemy…

  • Tara, you will be (and actually, you already are, don’t you know) an AMAZING life coach. There are so many people who are inspired by you. Just do it, girl!

  • I may have lost more weight than you and been on this journey longer but goodness knows I want to follow you and hear you and get that spark you have. You are a life coach already like Tamara said and I’m proud of you and inspired by you every post I read. You will have people flocking to you Tara 🙂 It’s true it is ourselves that put up those road blocks, good for you for knocking yours down.

  • Some days I feel like we’re in each others heads, and then some days I wish we could just swap brains so we could see what the other one sees. I see how you are more than ready for this leap, I see how incredible you are, I see how deserving you are. But flip that around and show me a mirror and watch all the doubt rise up in me. Its amazing how we can do that to ourselves.

    Thank you for believing in me, thank you for reminding me every day, thank you for cheering me on even when I think I don’t deserve it. And you damn well know I will be here doing the same for you. Always.


  • Elsa

    You ARE a kick-ass interpreter. I’m glad you can say that (toot toot!).


  • Jessica

    Hey Tara,
    Just wanted to say I think you are amazing! You are an inspiration to many, many people. Your unique way of looking at things and expressing them is refreshing, loving your posts and sharing them!

  • I’m excited for you and your path! I can’t wait to see what you have to offer.

    I recently went to post 1 on your blog and started reading…I’ve gotten to your Ultra Team T.O.P post and I have to force myself to stop ready to get things done. Your journey is amazing and I find myself wondering how you can say just what I feel, how someone so different can be so like me. I’ve been proud of you, mad at you, worried about you, and in awe of you. You’ve both scared me and inspired me on my own journey. It’s hard to hear that it’s so difficult, but deep down I already knew that to be true. I tell myself every day that I may not be perfect, just don’t give up like I have every other time. I only wish to have the success you’ve had.

  • I love this, especially as someone who is struggling with figuring out what he wants to do with his life. I have so many ideas, and things I’d like to accomplish, but I end up getting overwhelmed thinking about what is involved in accomplishing them, and I retreat. I very much need to trust in myself.

    You will rock at being a life coach, btw. Just rock. 🙂

  • Oh Tara, this post could NOT have come at a more perfect time for me. I just got off a “webinar” to find out more information about a program I’ve been thinking of registering for for about 8 months now.I keep making excuses for why I can’t or shouldn’t do it, even though this is something I’ve been wanting to do with my life since college (FYI I graduated college 18 years ago!!!!!) Road blocks are in our lives whether we want them or not but it’s how we get passed them that matters. Like you, I’ve let them interfere with my life far too long and I just need to take a chance-a chance on me. I think it’s your time to take a chance on yourself as well and I guarantee, you’ll succeed.


  • Love this post Tara! So very excited for you & I know you will be a fabulous life coach. It’s so amazing this whole dialogue that goes on in our head & most of the time we aren’t even aware of having all these self-doubting thoughts that try to discourage us. Meditation has been really helpful for me to be more aware of my thoughts & recognize that inner critic voice.

    I’ve been hearing about self-love & self-care a lot lately, and those are fairly obvious things. But I was recently really struck by the whole idea of self-trust and really having a confidence yourself & being true to your hearts desires. It’s a fascinating area that I’d love to see more people have conversations about.

  • You make me think of what is it that I want to do. I have a few ideas but no plans. Maybe its time I start some of the planning. Thank you Tara for inspiring me. Between this post and the one you wrote on Martinus’ blog. I’m going to be doing some thinking while I get back to running!

    Like I said before you are the perfect person to be a life coach! 🙂

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  • terra

    You know you got this, just like I know I got it. I am starting my coaching business and this post came at the right time for me. Words my teacher told me that freed me up from some of my shtuff… “Sometimes, the mess is the message.” And “the best teachers are those who can demonstrate, not just regurgitate.”

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