When in need; Ask…


A chaotic weekend of trying to cram as much love, excitement, sharing, inspiring, crying, laughing, learning, teaching, understanding, recommitting as possible in 48 hours.

If you’ve been on this journey with me for any amount of time you know this is the only “fitness/weightloss” blogging conference I attend. There are literally dozens to choose from but this gathering of people have a special place in my heart and each year I leave vowing to return.

This year is no different.

Well actually this year is very different. Again, Mimi and I have been offered to return to continue the much needed discussion of “When You Have A Lot To Lose: The before, during and after journey of losing over 100 pounds” and just like last year we are absolutely THRILLED to begin planning our much needed trip out West…

That’s where we run into a little problem.

Last year we were able to drive, offsetting the cost of travel. We stayed with our amazing friend Colleen in Boston and were able to pick up Dani along the way (who by the way is the most awesome road trip sidekick you could ask for #partyface). To be fair to the west coasters that come from far away, the conference has been moved to one of my most favorite cities: Portland Ore!

Road Trip is out of the question.

Well I mean, we *could* pack up the Dusty and drive the 3500+ miles to get from point A (Halifax NS) to point B (Portland OR) but a few things are getting in the way: Earning my first ever 70.3 and that pesky problem of still not being able to work in Canada as I ever so patiently wait for my immigration paper work to be processed (16 months later and still no word) so there is very little income coming from my side of the duo that is known as The Mimi and The Tara.

Not to mention time.

A road trip of that extent would take at least two weeks round trip and I don’t know about you guys but while I do love a good road trip, I don’t love it THAT much. In order for Mimi and I to get to Fitbloggin13 this year we have to fly. That puts a damper on things. Someone suggested putting a little widget on my blog to see if people wanted to donate to our “Get Tara and Mimi to Fitbloggin13” campaign and that’s just what I’m doing…

See it up there in the corner…

It’s painful to ask but ask I must. I’m not one to take help often but I know when I need to humbly put it out to the universe and this is definitely one of those times. The cost for flying from Halifax for both will be somewhere in the ballpark of $1500 – $2000 and  Mimi and I are going to try everything in our power to get on a plane June 26th so that we can be in the one place that we both need to be:



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