Tommie Copper Compression Sleeve Review and Giveaway!

Video time!!!

And I remembered to do an ASL version.

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The opinions expressed in both videos are of my own. As is the showing of my sexy feet and my sweaty messy hair!

42 comments to Tommie Copper Compression Sleeve Review and Giveaway!

  • Jenn Casey

    always wanted to try compression socks. never got around to it!

  • I love Tommie Copper for helping you keep running. It was amazing the difference they made so quickly for you. Now I dream of a pair for my knees which seem to the be the challenge for me getting back up to running my 10K.

    I love that you do your reviews after your runs. You really are a lot of fun to watch on camera. Both while speaking English and ASL. #LAWN

  • I’d love to try the compression calf sleeves! Mine have been so tight lately!

  • Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I’ve heard so much about Tommie Copper compression sleeves; it’s about time I actually try em. I’d love to win the Knee compression sleeve (I might be selectingthat just because my knee hurt after my run this morning, but not sure if compression would help that? I’m still new to ‘serious’ running) or a calf compression sleeves to aid recovery and reduce swellingin my calves. Thanks so much!

    PS: I’m not Deaf but I’m fluent and pursuing a career in ASL, so I very much enjoyed your ASL vlog review. SO great that you make your vlogs accessible to all potential readers 🙂

  • chris

    I’d love to try the shorts for my lower back pain/hip mobility, but the idea freaks me out a little. I’d like to try the calf sleeves too.

  • Great review! I never had calf pain until I began marathon training and I would love to try these 🙂

    That is really cool that you do ASL reviews, too!

  • Not only do I think they should give me a free pair… maybe they might want to sponsor me? If I’m good enough for Moving Comfort and Brooks surely Tommie Copper will love me too! Right? 😛

  • I’ve never used them, thinking the calf compression sleeve would rock!
    love your videos Tara

  • I recently purchased a pair of compression socks and love them! My only complaint is they don’t come up high enough so a pair of knee sleeves would be perfect to give my socks some more length 🙂

  • I’d love to give these a try! I need new ones…mine now have a hole. Darn cats!

  • First- nice Ragnar shirt 🙂
    Second- I can’t WAIT for their compression shorts to come out. I just developed hip bursitis and looking forward to kicking the tires on those. I think they will make all the difference!

  • Jen

    I love tommie cooper sleeves. I currently use the ankle sleeves after I run. They really help my wimpy ankles recover and feel ready for the next adventure.

  • Jeannine

    Love the review! I’d love to try a pair of calf sleeves, mine get so sore on long runs.

  • I’ve been having some serious calf tightness and I’ve been testing out different compression socks. I’d be super pumped to try to Tommie Copper calf sleeves!

  • Chuck Swanson

    I need more leg compression sleeves! One pair of sleeves and one pair of socks isn’t cutting it. Please let me get some more Tommie Copper

  • Pam

    I would love to try these! My job requires me to be on my feet for long periods of time so I would use these for work and for running!

  • I fancy trying the Tommie Copper calf compression sleeve. If the shorts were available I’d try them first =)

  • Awesome video product review! Those sound like they would be really awesome for me. I have compression sleeves for my legs and arms and I don’t even really run. I have struggled with it a lot.

    As for plantar faciatis, I had it in both heels many years ago and had surgery on each foot. Never had a problem again. My heels are still quite numb but I would rather have that than the pain I had before.

  • Oh and my choice would be the ankle for sure although the knee is tempting.

  • I would like the calf compression sleeves for my shin splints.

  • Laurel C

    I really need a pair of compression calf sleeves!! and I love all of the different colors and options they offer!

  • Tasha

    I’m fairly new to running but I often have trouble with my left calf. I would be really interested to try the calf sleeve out to see if it would help. Also, my ankles swell horribly when I travel no matter what I do so the ankle sleeves would be my second choice. Thanks for the review and the give away!!

  • Diane

    I would love for my husband to try the calf sleeves. He was laid off from work and is now back employed. He has diabetes and is having some difficulty with aching calves due to standing more that he is used to. I just saw, last night, an infomercial about the Tommie Copper products and was very intrigued that these might help him. Anything to relieve his aches would be beneficial. He is not a runner, but these may create one.

  • I LOVE calf sleeves and need a new pair so much!!

  • I’d love to try the calf sleeves.

  • Sherry Rini

    Have wanted to try compression sleeves – think it might help with my varicose veins – on REAL tight budget and just can’t afford them 🙁

  • Desirae Yeldon

    My husband has had back surgery and I would love to have him be able to try one of your shirts. He is in pain daily and can not do any of the things he used too. Would love to have this opportunity.

  • Theresa J

    I would love to try the Calf Compression Sleeve.

  • Conny Mc

    I love my compression pants and socks so anything compression is an amazing thing in my running life!!

  • Scott S

    I would love to win / have the Knee compression sleeve. Years ago I hyper-extended my right knee and broke off the top of the tibia requiring the bone to be stapled back together. Still gives me trouble all to often.



  • Dmc

    Desprite for any relief. Severe pain from RA, diabetic nerapathy, puristic arthritis, 6 crushed and compressed back issues. Will Tommie copper provide me any kind of pain relief? I can’t take much more. I have become basically bed ridden and homebound. Quality of life is poor. I am a far cry from the former airborne qualified army officer. I just want some part of my life back. Hope Tommie copper can help.

    • Tara

      I’m not a medical specialist so I wouldn’t have the proper information to say whether TC would be helpful…

      It might be best to be in direct contact with them and talk with one of their associates.

  • Lisa Jones

    I was on Percocet ( two 10mg/325mg tabs) every 4 hrs for 3 years for my knee pain. I’ve had 3 knee surgeries that only made things worse. I was icing my knee every break I got at work for 2 yrs. Since buying Tommie Copper’s knee sleeve I am off Percocet completely and have not once had to ice my knee. I used to have a hard time walking in the morning – not since I started sleeping in the sleeve. It’s so comfortable I don’t even know I’m wearing it. I wear it 24/7. This product has been a true miracle for me! I wish all doctors and surgeons knew about this product!

  • ali amidi

    i have been playing tennis for the past 35 years and i love it. it’s my passion and the only way i could stay in shape. but recently i have not been able to play as much as i like to, due to the keen injury i have had for the past several months. there is inflammations in my knee which i can not get rid of. i would love to try the tommie copper knee sleeve and see if it helps . if tommie copper sleeve does the trick for me then everyone in my team , club and the gym will know about it. i see many people with these type of dilemma in my gym and on the court all the time.

  • Judy

    I have looked at the tommie copper items for a short while now – and seem to always see reviews about runners using the product or other sports enthusiast (boxers, football, weight training, etc.) but don’t see much for cyclists.

    I don’t drive – I ride bike everywhere for about 15 yrs now – and live in a small town – so riding bike to get to a large enough city to get anything other than the standard fare as regards groceries, new clothes etc. is a challenge.

    I’d love to try the men’s compression shirt, shorts and calve sleeves – to see if they would help with the energy level required to maintain a long ride like that (over quite hilly terrain) as well as not leave me ‘worn out’ to be able to do my shopping and then make it back home and continue with my day.

    Runners seem to swear by these products, I wonder if Bikers would as well? I simply can’t afford to purchase them right now – and with winter coming up – biking is much more of a challenge up here where the snow starts to fly anywhere from as early as October to as late as December (if we’re lucky), and I need the help recovering from those 1st unfortunate ‘spills’ I take while getting my ‘snow legs’ on my bike for the season! We ride year round – even in snow – but sometimes the ice under the snow makes it tricky to ride and you’re ‘tight’ the whole time you’re riding – hoping that the compression shirt and shorts would help with that!

    Great vlog – and great that you do the ASL version as well! God bless!

  • Judy

    One other addition I’d like to make or question I’d like to ask I guess is that – when I’ve been riding a lot (or walking – as sometimes the bikes are in dis-repair and we actually have to walk somewhere – lol) I get leg cramps in my calves when I stretch out at night before bed – would the calve sleeves help with this? If so, I’d wear them all the time!

  • I heard about the Tommie Cooper compression wear.I would love to try one of your sleeve. I am a school bus driver, i have a lot of pain in my left arm,i`ve had the shot,physical therapy and a lot of meds. Very hard to do my job,i have continual pain hard to do a lot of things.Osteopathy said tendonitis.What do i do live with the pain? only if i could get that sieeve. Montel Williams made a believer out of me.But if they work, i pray God bless you and your products.

  • Jeffery Butler

    Seen the Montel Williams show talking about the tommie copper compression , and it have me wondering how and would these compression sleeves work for me. I played alot of sports mainly football and basketball and my knees, calves and ankles be hurting after a long game of either sport. So either one of the sleeves i would like to try just too see for myself and I would greatly appreciative to leave a review of you all product

  • Frieda Ford

    I seen your TV show with Monel Williams and wondered if this product would help me with pain.Well about eight years ago was in a car wrack and was live flighted to hospital with a broken leg,crushed pevic,puncherd lung,and broken reist.Now have knee pain in both knees and feet talking about pain.Reather laying in bed in my right hip lower back.While standing both feet and knees to.Well with all that it would be nice to try your products and not be in pain would be like a gift of life no one will ever know what this would mean to me.

    • Tara

      Frieda, I’m not associated with Tommie Copper. I am a customer that did a review of their product. You will need to contact the company directly with any questions you may have.

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