Drop Dead Gorgeous by December Week #3

Goals to accomplish by December:
Finish trek tri in under 2 hours
Dead lift 150 pounds  – DONE!!!!
Consistently run 10 minute mile
Get into size 12 pants
Make my bed everyday

The Goals are plugging along very nicely. Godfather made sure that I get that dead lift goal out of the way right quick. I dead lifted 185 pounds the day before going to San Francisco. Now shooting for 200!!

Proud moment:
I haven’t stepped on the scale in a week and ran some serious hills in San francisco.

Need to work on the following:
I spent a lot of time obsessing about food while on vacation. I need to work on that this week. (Even though I did think a lot about my food, I didn’t purge and that is a big deal in my neck of the woods).

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